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Teeth Whitening

Get a celebrity smile today. Blue Fusion is a new innovated product that achieves an 8-16 shade improvement in just 30 minutes, activated by an LED light. The gum guard has been designed providing greater depth for maximum coverage and air pocket technology. Blue Fusion is the first Whitening gel that has blue catalyst activator, with photo initiator. 0% peroxide

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Megawhite Express Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We are proud to offer Megawhite express teeth whitening with the new Bluefusion technology used by celebrities and recommend by dentists.

Our teeth advanced whitening system is a proven beauty process using Blue Fusion materials to make teethlook whiter. The materials remove stains and other discoloration from the tooth surface.

Why not pop in on your lunch break, sit and relax and enjoy reading a magazine whilst using our worldwide exclusive formula teeth whitening.

In only 30mins, with our express laser whitening you will see guaranteed results, 100% pain free, no sensitivity, up to 15 shades lighter, safe & effective and no structure or enamel damage.

Celebrities love having beautiful white teeth.

Check out the fantastic results Megawhite got for Biffy Clyro, Nieve Jennings (Former Miss UK), the casts of the Only Way is Essex and Hollyoaks!

Book yourself in now, 30 mins and guaranteed results.